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1. Activities chess club

DD is a chess club for players who like a historical, friendly atmosphere. All levels are represented: from beginner to grandmaster chess. The club is located in the National Chess Building, a monumental building on the Van Speijkstraat 1 in The Hague.

There are three days of play: Tuesday & Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. There are many different competitions and activities. On Tuesday, you can join the weekly Keizer competition. There is an internal competition (round robin system) a rapid competition and there are often Speed chess (5 minutes) tournaments. In the external competition (HSB; The Hague Chess Federation) DD-teams play against other club-teams. You are welcome to visit us a couple of times to get acquainted with the club.

An overview of the activities and competitions:

Tuesday 19.30 - 01.00 hours:
  • Youth Training (18.30 - 19.30)
  • Keizer-system (weekly ranking competition, registration before 19.45 pm)
  • Speed Chess (5 minutes)
  • The Hague Chess Federation competition (HSB) (DD5, DD7)
Thursday 19.30 - 00.30 hours:
  • Internal competition (round robin system)
  • v. Eekelen trophy (this is a knock-out competition)
  • Seniors Chess Training (monthly)
  • Speed Chess (5 minutes)
  • The Hague Chess Federation competition (HSB) (DD3, DD4, DD6, DD8)
Saturday 13.30 - 18.00 hours:
  • Speed Chess (5 minutes) (tournaments)
  • Possibly internal up games
  • Royal National Chess Federation (DD1 and DD2)
There are other activities including the half yearly DD-Speed chess championship always with many competitors, and there are training sessions by Jop Delemarre and John van der Wiel, a well known grandmaster who plays for the first team of DD.

For more information about activities and competitions and how to become a member of the club please contact one of the members of the board.

Keizer competition

2. History of DD and the National Chess Building

DD was founded in 1852, became a 'Royal' chess club in 1952 and has a glorious history: six times national champion. The late grandmaster J.H. Donner was a member for years and meant a lot to the club (strongest chess player of his time in the Netherlands). Mr. A. Rueb was an important president of DD, he was the chairman of the Royal National Chess Federation (KNSB) and co-founder and  rst president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). He was also founder of the National Chess Building, to which DD is closely linked and still has its home address. In this nostalgic building full of history Aljechin, Euwe and Bogoljubow have played important matches. World champion Lasker was a member of the club and gave lectures and simultaneous exhibitions, and often spend the night in the National Chess Building. Interior Minister Samuel van Houten, famous for introducing laws prohibiting child labor, has for years been president of DD (1894-1911).

DD is still by far the strongest and largest chess club of The Hague and is  florishing due to an innovative and progressive policy for the future!

Jan Hein Donner

3. Youth Chess at DD

The youth is in attendance at DD and has a number of talented young players. A group of beginners is participating regularly at the Grand Prix competitions (open youth tournaments) organised by the Hague Chess Federation (HSB). Some older youth players have taken the step of participating in the adult inter-club competition.

There are training classes for small groups with individual attention on Tuesday evening from 18.30 - 19.30. Also for the novice chess player there is expert guidance in a fun, friendly way. For more information please contact one of our youth leaders Adri Voermans or Eric Koreman. You can find the details on the youth page of the DD website.

The youth has the future at DD!

4. Website & DD magazine (club magazine)

The DD Magazine is carefully designed and compiled by the editors, led by Henk Happel, and is published at least five times a year.

On our website ( you can find all information about our club
results and standing of internal and external competitions, announcements, reports, photos, calender, contact information etc. And everyone is invited to add his or her contribution to our site!

You can also follow two games live on our website, when DD 1 is playing a home match for the Royal National Chess Federation competition (KNSB).

Webmaster: Stefan Boeters (

Editor DD Magazine: Henk Happel (

DD-Weekend tournament held in the Montessory Lyceum in The Hague